Lean Production Displays

It is a big motivation for employees if they always be informed about the production target in comparison with current datas. Increase in production is the result if actual infos will be shown.

For your lean-production-display every led colour can be used, combinations between different colours and different digit heights are practicable. LED-industrial-signs can be manufactured in every size. It´s also possible to show in foreseen led areas congratulation messages if the production target is catched.

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ACT industrial displays for production areas can also combined with info areas for safety info like days without accident for different categories. Permanent fixed lettering and areas for headers and the company logo are mostly desired as well. This type of signs can be tailored to suit requirement.

Often these LED Poruction line displays will be controlled automatically, directly connected to machines or to a existing client software. ACT provides his industrial protocol to integrate the commands in any existing software application. For sure ACT can also deliver the signs with a personalised software.

Different interfaces possible, RS232, RS422/485, controlled over TCP/IP network or wireless by using DECT radio control connection or GSM modem, or with a parallel interface to select over potential free contacts between fixed programmed messages … a lot of possibilities.