Single and multi-line LED moving message displays

You are looking for a LED moving message display? Then you are at the right place at ACT. We produce single-line scrolling message led-displays and multi-line led-signs with character heights of 30 mm to 800 mm. For indoor- and outdoor- use in nearly every size.

A review of actual series
Series Application Number of lines
TEBE indoor and outdoor 1
PROLINE only indoor 2 to any number of lines
PROLINE ULTRA outdoor (and indoor) 2 to any number of lines

ACT does not only offer standard models. We produce your led moving message display in exact the right length with a alu-housing powder-coated in the RAL-color which you want.. The production of curved shapes or led-tickers around corners and angels can be realized from ACT. We also produce led-displays fixed on open-frames that you can fix them in your own cabinet.

A popular special type of LED moving message displays are led-pillars. ACT offer them also with 90°-turned characters, right like you want. On special request you can have these signs also a special character, for example a simple logo. Actual we offer these displays with western-european character set, central-european characterset or cyrillic character set.

You have interest in LED moving message displays?

Let us advise you, just contact us!

  • LED-pillar

  • mirror font round

  • wavelike

  • exact around corners

  • extraordinary design

  • more times curved for amazing optic

    Alternativer Text
  • long and angled, related to your wishes

  • We realize your ideas: 6m high thermometer

  • Frame in your RAL-color

    Rahmen in Sonderfarbe
  • Different led-colors and character heights combined

  • High-grade steel housing on special request

  • Multicolor and fullcolor edition

  • Totem led-displays available

ACT is your partner in any cases

TEBE series: single line LED moving message displays
  • 25m eye-catcher in Bratislava

  • 20 linear meter LED moving message display at JD in Liverpool

  • Bank Austria: built-in LED scrolling message displays

  • perfect integrated in the frontage of a modern building

  • Exact angled according local situation

  • Illuminated sign combined with a single-line displays, double-side

  • Triplesign + LED

  • Art Gallery Vienna, 50m long led-display, around a corner

  • mobile used on stage

  • A perfect eye-catcher on a booth

  • LED art object

  • Curved along the facade

  • 62 linear meters of LED-displays on the stage at Frankfurt opera

  • Announcement of the actual theatre repertoire

  • 2 times very long displays, foyer Vienna city hall

Our single line LED moving message displays are  perfect medium to attract attention and inform about actual conditions, news, special reports, announcements of campaigns … Every text can be shown on these signs, and the people will look to this informative eye-catcher and read it, under guarantee.

Built-in CPU board for working standalone, with RS232 interface, RS422/485 or controlled over TCP/IP network or wireless by using DECT radio control connection or GSM modem, or with a parallel interface to select over potential free contacts between fixed programmed messages … a lot of possibilities.

1 m or 20 m long, different led-colours, solid double-wall aluminium housings,  absolute weatherproofed. For industrial applications you can control our LED moving message displays also by your own software.

Multi-line LED moving message displays

“Proline series” for indoor use, “Proline Ultra series” for outdoor use. The difference is just the brightness of the leds. Proline  indoor led moving message displays with character heights of 30 mm to 100mm, single- and multi-color. Outdoor “Proline-Ultra” series we offer with character heights between 30 mm to 800 mm, combined versions also possible.

A lot of eye-catching informations can be perfect announced with these attractive LED-signs.

Enough space on multiple textlines, to create informative messages clearly arranged. All important news at a glance!  Also possible to show a heading, during the proper scrolling message will be shown on a second line. Many appear and disappear functions.

Preprogramming by using detailed timetable functions for most flexible use.

Single- and double-side housings, with 4mm antireflexion glass above the leds and front-maintenance option.

  • Subtitles LED-displays at Salzburg Festival

  • ACT is the official led-display supplier for the European Space Agency ESA

  • Tourism-Info at Faak am See

  • Betting odds on our led-signs

  • Stylish in central position

  • Doublesided big led-displays cross-over the street fixed at all city entries in St. Veit

  • A lot of communities are using our signs to inform

  • actual vacancies

  • LED totem-display used for hotel business

  • Amazing big display in american style at IZD-Tower in Vienna

  • Used in motor sport

  • For information, advertising, entertainment

  • Combined with a price-sign for a gas station

  • Multiple used in the famous Vienna zoo

  • topical artist news

  • Often delivered to convention centres

  • Upper Austrian National Exhibition

  • highly visible!

  • The Vienna International Airport relies on the reliability of ACT LED-displays, used as deicing-info-signs at the airfield

  • Information directly at the entry

  • ACT Call-up LED-displays installed inside the Chamber of Labour building