With the experience of LED-displays specialists from Austria

Since more then 25 years ACT has been developing and producing LED-Displays for different applications. Customers have the assurance and confidence , to buy high quality state of the art LED-Signs directly from the manufacturer ACT.

Three pillars of success

Important high-tech elements for LED-Displays are developed directly from ACT in Austria. Clients benefit threefold:

1) Competitive pricing

Thanks to its in-house development and production no intermediary needed.

2) Long-life cycle and perfect support

Especially for information technology a fast and professional support is indispensable. There are LED-displays from ACT which are working trouble-free for over 10 years in use. Anyhow it´s good to know that all time professional and fast support can be provided if needed. For from wide away imported products it´s often different. For example for China products you never know which company is really the manufacturer, if you need then help, it´s very diffcult. Also often these companies are then not exisitng anymore, people changed … and without any technical details like print-layouts and schematics it´s then often not possible to repair anything.

3) Innovation with 25 years experience

This includes the development site in Austria, the technical design and the professional support. Of course all from ACT delivered products can meet the high European standard.


Always at your service!

If you compare any proposals, we recommend to check also parameters like maintenance possibilities, cabinet-material, EMC conformity …

In each ACT product – from the videowall to the simple time and temperature display –  is based on passion, innovative engineering and the big experience from an Austrian manufacturer of high quality LED-Displays.